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Published by: Engelberts, Editeur, Geneva, 1963 Note: This work was made by Braque as part of a suite of 29 Lithographs made to illustrate “Lettera Amorosa” , poetry by his friend Rene Char. The Mourlot catalogue entitles all the lithographs from this Suite, given during their printing, which recapture either a word or an idea suggested by the text. Braque was very enthusiastic about this work and spent considerable time in executing it. Several of the illustrations were done two or three times before he was satisfied with it. Reference: Dora Vallier - “Braque - The Complete Graphics” : Number : 187 Mourlot: “Braque Lithographie” Number 128 Size: 250 x 320 mms (Paper size) Edition: 20 of the Deluxe versions of the work were accompanied by additional suite of lithographs , made before the letters, on Japon Nacre paper from which our example comes. There was also a suite of Lithographs with wide margins, signed and numbered from an edition of 75, by the artist on Arches paper. 15 Artists proofs with wide margins, on Arches paper, signed and numbered. A few Signed and numbered Hors Commerce Proofs. Public Exhibitions: The unsigned and unnumbered impressions of the 27 lithographs were shown at an exhibition ‘Georges Braques - Rene Char” at the Bibliotheque Litteraire, Jacques Doucet, May 1963

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