Tabelaria, Barcelona, Spain

Untitled by Masafumi Yamamoto

Masafumi Yamamoto Biography

1947, Yamanashi, Japan-

Masafumi Yamamoto is a well established Japanese printmaker, with numerous exhibitions, around the world to his credit.

Trained as an architect at the Chiba Institute of Tecnology, Chiba, Japan, Yamamoto later studies printmaking at the Escola d'Arts Aplicades.

Amongst his recent exhibitions are:

Joan Prats Gallery, Barcelona & New York.

Salon Mai y Salon de Otoño, Paris.

Nichido Gallery, Paris and Tokyo.

Museo de la Estampa, Mexico.

Editart, Geneva.

In 1998, Japanese Art Museum, Kushinaga Shunsen, held a retrospective exhibition of his graphic prints. Additionally, his art can also be found in the following permanent collections:

Kushinaga Shunsen Museum of Art, Japan.

Museo de la Estampa, Mexico.

Gabinet d'Estampes, Geneva.

Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

Calcografia Nacional, Madrid.

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