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Trees from La Elipa by Angel Cajal

Angel Cajal Biography

Asturias, Spain, 1957

Established Spanish Printmaker, Angel Cajal is an accomplished artist working in an EXPRESSIONIST style. His emotional art often blends his surroundings: the urban landscape, the human figure or even a vase of flowers.

A qualified physician, he received his training in fine arts at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Eloy, in Salamanca (Spain), and the Centro Cultural Nicolas Salmeron and Taller Tres , in Madrid.

Selected Exhibitions:

1999 - Bienal of Printmaking, Zaragoza, Spain. - Maximo Ramos Printmaking Award, Spain.

2000 - Contemporary Printmaking Museum, Marbella, Spain. - Mac21 Contemporary Art Fair, Marbella. - ESTAMPA Art Fair, Madrid.


  • Maturen Foundation
  • National Library, Spain
  • La Rioja Museum
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