Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Rao Yue From Chengdu (Tomorrow) by Yao Hui

Yao Hui Biography

Born in Lanzhou, China, Yao Hui graduated from University of Edinburgh in 2011 with an MA in Photography, following a BA in Advertising and Graphic Design at Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics.

In 1998, while on holiday, Yao Hui used his uncle’s automatic camera to take his first photograph, and from that moment developed an interest in photography and gradually mastered the fundamental technique and theory of the medium. In 2007 Hui visited the UK, and this strange environment and unique experience had a big impact on him; which is apparent in his work. Upon his return to China Yao Hui spent three years learning English so that he could come to the UK to further his study.

The series Tomorrow features young female Chinese students in the anonymous surroundings of a student hall of residence at Edinburgh University – they seem vulnerable, yet dignified. Hui acknowledges that, whilst at university, his educational background and knowledge structures differed from local students, and these fundamental differences enabled him to focus on Chinese overseas students. Other series are tributes to his homeland, and reflect the loneliness and oppression the artist felt in adapting to a new culture.

Yao Hui has exhibited widely, with shows in Lanzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, Beijing and Pingyao in China, and more recently in Edinburgh, London and Newcastle upon Tyne. In 2011 his work was included in Cheers 2011 - UK China Art and Design Festival and the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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