Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Gold Rush by Stuart Semple

Stuart Semple Biography

Stuart Semple

Stuart Semple is the most celebrated contemporary British artist of his generation. At just 29 years of age he has exhibited worldwide, curated for leading institutions, written for national magazines, launched his own clothing label, won awards, directed a top 20 music video and collaborated with some of the biggest brands on the planet including Levis, Vogue, Selfridges, Diesel, The Prodigy, Umbro and Moncler.

Semple’s solo exhibitions in Milan, New York and London have garnered critical acclaim as have his curatorial projects and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mexico, Greece and Sao Paulo. He recently presented Happy Cloud, an installation work of 2000 pink helium filled soap smiley faced clouds that floated from Tate Modern’s Bankside towards London’s financial district, and caused a global wave of happy cloud hysteria.

Named the Basquiat of the noughties by The Financial Times, his latest solo exhibition Everlasting Nothing Less at Anna Kustera Gallery, New York, was heralded for its relevance to current society and likened to Warhol’s Death and Disaster series by Flash Art.

The works are owned by rich kids, rock stars and leading industrialists including: The Gettys, Philip Niarchos, Debbie Harry, Uri Geller, Boy George, Sienna Miller, Rebecca Loos, David Roberts, Dhani Harrison and Kelly Osborne.

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