Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Geanealogy by Nathan James

Nathan James Biography

Born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada, Nathan James currently lives and works in London. Exhibiting extensively, James has had shows in North America and Europe. His work was also selected to show in SCOPE New York in 2006, and SCOPE London in 2005. James’ artworks, such as Super Duper and Ee-yow, were chosen by fellow artist, Stuart Semple, for Semple’s first curatorial project Mash Up in London, over the summer in 2008.

James’ photo based paintings of trendy youths are intervened by helpings of obnoxious neon slashes, cuts and splashes comprising of pop elements such as cartoons, graphics and text, to create his distinctive style. These combinations of techniques and styles collide as cartoon and plastic clash with James’ figurative flesh and bone elements.

With these paintings James explores the notion that mass media materialism can indeed fulfil some of their promises of leisure and enjoyment but at the cost of forfeiting some of the subjects’ humanity.

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