Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Where They Desire by Jonathan Alibone

Jonathan Alibone Biography

Jonathan Alibone

The paintings of Jonathan Alibone offer an exploration of the uncertainty and irreconcilable antagonisms inherent in our existence. They are populated with ghosts, and haunted by loss, unconsummated desire, and a nameless longing.

Alibone appropriates images and text from film, magazines, pulp fiction and pornography, setting them adrift from their original contextual moorings. When re-imagined and repositioned, they achieve a new potency, becoming ambivalent signifiers of moral emptiness, scepticism, and self disgust; the viewer is no longer a passive consumer but a voyeur and participant, implicated in a nihilistic culture’s obsessions, perversions, and hunger for meaning.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, Jonathan Alibone is a resident of The Artist's Sanctuary in Northampton, England, and is also one half of ‘Articulating History’ – an ongoing collaborative project created with fellow artist Alexander Small. In addition, Alibone is engaged in several other collaborative ventures, including a stop- motion animation and a graphic novel. He has exhibited widely and his work features in private collections in the UK, Europe, and North America.

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