Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Fuck Politics by Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin Biography

Dan Baldwin has won international critical praise for his provocative artwork, which – in his own words - is ‘about the fine line between the sinister and the beautiful.’ Works feature candy colour, butterflies and childhood cartoons amidst guns and razors - and this mixed media approach manages to inject a shot of realism into images which often seem otherworldly.

Baldwin’s vibrant pieces are punctuated with darker motifs – a skull might look over a pastel perfect scene, blurring the divide between good and evil. These opposing combinations can shock viewers, but may also add a touch of humour – albeit dark.

Following his 1995 graduation with an award for excellence from Maidstone School of Art, Dan has exhibited in galleries all over the world, holding his own alongside art legends such as Peter Blake and Jamie Reid. In 2005 he appeared on The Apprentice, alongside Opus artists Rob Carter and Lucie Bennett. Catching the eye of the media for his politically relevant art, Baldwin has been featured in numerous publications – including Dazed & Confused, Elle, Modern Painters and Vogue.

In September 2009 Dan Baldwin exhibits alongside 52 of the world’s leading artists and esigners for a London charity event. Others involved are Damien Hirst, Jamie Reid, Marc Quinn and Jake & Dinos Chapman. Baldwin’s first LA solo show, Disillusion, opens the same month.

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