Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Too Fly by Andrew McAttee

Andrew McAttee Biography

Andrew McAttee draws influence from a wide variety of sources including graffiti art, comic book graphics, Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. The effect is a type of dreamlike comic pop bordering on a sensory assault, with all manner of shapes, colours and textures bombarding the retina. This results in an overriding sense of movement and vitality, like some psychedelic bubblegum universe, teeming with clusters of synthetic species bursting into life.

Andy Warhol once said that he wanted to paint glamour - simple uncomplicated glamour - whereas McAttee wants to paint optimism - simple uncomplicated optimism, where there are no hidden codes behind the layers of paint. His aim is to provide the viewer with a colourful riot of gravity-less forms set in highly layered, seemingly endless space with a sense of ambiguity, humour and celebration. Using a wide array of techniques drawn from art history, it is clear that McAttee is both a serious scholar and a streetwise spray artist.

Fusing comic pop, graffiti and psychedelic colours his somewhat surrealistic compositions have an incredible depth of colour that has to be seen to be believed. His visual vocabulary borrows from Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, graffiti art and Abstract Expressionism.

McAttee studied Fine Art at Central St Martins, London, and since graduating in 1995 he has been featured in numerous exhibitions including shows in Basel, London, Miami and New York. His work has been commissioned by Benson & Hedges, Nike and fashion designer, Antonio Berardi amongst others. McAttee has also featured in The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent Review, Time Out Review, Hip Hop Connection, Graphotism, Blag and New York Magazine The Intergalactic Times.

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