Oc-Eo Art, Chapmanslade, United Kingdom

Nude 1 by Dao Thanh Dzuy

Dao Thanh Dzuy Biography

Hanoi, Vietnam, 1959

An established Vietnamese artist, Dao Thanh Dzuy paints with a muted, almost monochromatic palette. His drawing skill and mastery of light and shade is such that his work is fresh and apparently effortless. The carefully contoured backs of his slender, beautiful nudes, suggest an inner peacefulness, and the occasional use of flowers reveals the artist?s romantic nature.

Dzuy graduated from the Hanoi College of Fine Arts and the Fine Arts University of Slovenia, and is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. After spending many years as a part-time set designer for the Vietnamese Theatre House, he has focused solely on painting since 1991.

He says of his work: ?I am interested in movements and gestures and the slight worry of waiting, hoping and remembering what has gone before. My sentiments are to paint pictures which promote hope for people who love them.?

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