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María Burgaz

Madrid, Spain, 1970

Established Spanish painter Maria Burgaz works in a figurative style with definite pop influences.

Burgaz received a Fine Arts degree from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. While still a young painter, she has a substantial resume built by frenetic activity during the past ten years or so. She has hung her canvases in innumerable salons and galleries, always provoking public interest with her extremely personal conception of painting.

Her work has also been recognized by the numerous contests in which she has participated?and often won?and forms part of many public and private collections.

Burgaz?s painting is a color explosion in which she compartmentalizes all types of narrative themes, combining realism with abstraction and decorative motifs. So strong is the imagery in her work that it is difficult not to be caught up in it.


2005 - JVGespacio, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. - Nave del arte, Madrid, Spain. - Sala Enquadres, Valladolid, Spain.

2004 - Galeria 1arte, Madrid, Spain.

2003 - Nave del Arte, Madrid Spain. - Sala Palestra, Madrid, Spain.

2001 - Sala Municipal de Exposiciones Antonio Machado, Leganes, Madrid, Spain.

2000 - Sala Singisenforum, Muri, Switzerland.

1999 - Galeria Estudio Fuentes, Madrid, Spain. - Atrium Kunstkamer Gallery, Maastricht (Netherlands). - Art Print Gallery, Madrid, Spain.


2006 -

2004 - VI Certamen de Artes Plasticas Sala el Brocensa, Museo Pedrilla, Caceres, Spain. - Museo Textil, Plasencia, Spain. - Exposicion de la Coleccion de C.C.O.O., Centro Cultural Isabel de Farnesio, Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain.

2003 - V Certamen de Artes Plasticas Sala El Brocence, Caceres, Spain. - American Prints, Madrid, Barcelona, Spain. - Certamen Nacional de Pintura, Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid, Spain. - Miami Art Gallery, Miami, United States. - Tercer Certamen del Bulevar de la Sidra, Oviedo, Spain. - Centro de Cultura "Antiguo Instituto" ,Gijon, Spain.

2002 - V Certamen de Artes Plasticas Sala el Brocense, Caceres, Spain. - I Certamen Nacional de Pintura Gloria Merino, C. Cultural Sta. Teresa, Malagon (C. Real), Spain.


2005 - Finalist V Certamen Pintura contemporanea Fundacion Wellington.

2003 - Honorable Mention VIII Certamen Unipublic de Pintura Deportiva.

2002 - Honorable Mention XVIII Concurso de Pintura de Guadarrama, Centro Cultural "La Torre".

2001 - Acquisition Prize Adquisicion L Certamen Nacional de Pintura de Gibraleon, Huelva. - Acquisition Prize IV Certamen de Pintura "Villa de Valdemoro". - Selected Artist I y II Certamen Nacional de Pintura "El Pincel Verde", Sala A. Machado, Leganes.

MUSEUMS & COLLECTIONS: - Ayuntamiento de Gibraleon, Huelva, Spain. - Ayuntamiento de Valdemoro, Madrid, Spain. - Gran Casino de Madrid, Spain. - Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Spain. - Ayuntamiento de Martos, Jaen, Spain. - Ayuntamiento de Horche, Guadalajara, Spain. - Excma. Diputacion Provincial. de Alicante, Spain. - Ayuntamiento de Fregenal de la Sierra, Badajoz, Spain. - Castillo de la Coracera, San Martin de Valdeiglesias, Madrid, Spain. - Universidad de Extremadura, Spain. - Collection of UNED, Spain. - Collection of Caja Madrid, Spain. - Collection of Fundacion de Futbol Profesional, Spain.

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