Leonard Tachmes Gallery, Miami, Florida

Rotten Egg by Matt Rush

Matt Rush Biography

Florida, EE.UU., 1972

Recognised American artist, Matt Rush ?s finds his source of inspiration in the aesthetic of the videogames.

MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - The Mills Corporation - Dynamic Media - First Christian Church - The Church on the Way - Jay Camire, Inc. - Display Works - World Emblem

A selected list of her EXHIBITIONS is as follows: - 2003 Artists for The Art of Cinema, Skylark, Miami Beach, Florida - 2002 Smack Your Bit Up, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, Florida - Must...Save...Princess, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, Florida - 2001 Art Miami, Miami, Florida. Magnet, New York

Summer Tossed Salad, Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, Florida - Poser, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, Florida - 1996 Museum of New Arts, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

South Beach Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida - XS Best of Gallery, Hollywood Art and Cultural Center, Hollywood, Florida - The Smiling Women, C.S.Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 1995 Kennedy Studios, Coconut Grove, Florida - Matt Rush, C.S.Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 1989 Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida>br> - 1988 Museum of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, Florida

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