Galería La Aurora, Murcia, Spain

Untitled by Agustín Ubeda

Agustín Ubeda Biography

Herencia, Ciudad Real, Spain 1925

Established Spanish painter and graphic artist Agustin Ubeda works in a style full of lyricism, sensuality and irony, in which one can see the influence of Goya, of whom he is a self-proclaimed admirer.

Convinced that painting is both aesthetic and intellectual, Ubeda makes artwork in a style that is unquestionably his, created with enjoyment and passion, at the edge of the trends in contemporary Spanish art, within which he stands out.

Ubeda was trained at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Spain, and was granted a scholarship from the French Institute in Madrid that he used to travel to Paris, where he was profoundly influenced by Marc Chagall. He returned to Spain and worked as a professor at his former school, the Escuela de San Fernando, where, until 1980, he was a professor in the Fine Arts department, becoming chair in 1987.

Ubeda?s work can be found in the following MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS: - Museo de la Ville de Geneva, Switzerland. - Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid. - Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

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