Centro Difusor de Arte, Madrid, Spain

Screen Double Spot Light by Andoni Euba

Andoni Euba Biography

Established Spanish painter. Graduate in Fine Arts from the Universidad del Pais Vasco. In 1985 he won the First Prize in the I Certamen de Artes Plasticas de Euskadi. In 1986 he received his first scholarship from the Diputacion de Vizcaya and in 1987, the Scholarship for Artistic Creation from the Basque Country's government. Euba's work is composed of a series of breakages in which the main thread evolves through findings that flow from one series into another, in the same way that the process of artistic creation cannot be limited to a mere physical or psychological activity.

The artist is a chronicler of reality and the changes that occur in society, such as old elements being replaced by new ones, are reflected by him in a pictorial support. The growing gap between the idea and the material execution of it brings his work closer to conceptual art, especially when industrial solutions (such as airbrushes) are used, leaving aside the artist's imprint. This, done as a way to transcend oneself, also implies a traced path in which different interpretations of his work take place around the paradox of being in, or being out of: the link between work and spectator is established within the represented element and the analogies that can be found between it and the media used when making the artwork. His most outstanding solo exhibitions took place in Galeria Vanguardia, Bilbao (1988), Galeria Almirante, Madrid (1993) and Museo San Telmo, San Sebastian (1994).

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