Capa Esculturas, Madrid, Spain

Regenerator Impulse by J. Gil Fernandez

J. Gil Fernandez Biography

Germany-born sculptor and painter, Gil Fernandez received his initial training at the School of Applied Arts in Zamora, Spain.

This young artist, while still in his early-thirties, has participated at the following exhibitions and art competitions: - 1989: I Encounters at the School of Applied Arts, Castilla y Leon, Spain. - 1990: Selected for the Xth National Painting Contest, "Ciudad de Arganda" , Madrid. - 1992: Selected for the XIth Painting Bienal, "Ciudad de Zamora", Spain. - 1993: Ovalo Gallery, Zamora. - 1993: Selected for the IXth Regional Competition of Painting 'Young Artists'. Caja de Ahorros, Burgos, Spain. - 1993: "Caja España" Award in Sculpture. - 1994: Independent Contest of Fine Arts of Castilla Y Leon, Spain. - 1994: Exhibition "Arte em Zamora.

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