Capa Esculturas, Madrid, Spain

Infinity by Antonio Vigo Perez

Antonio Vigo Perez Biography

Antonio Vigo Perez

Young Spanish sculptor, Antonio Vigo, was born in Madrid in 1972.

Initially trained at the School of Applied Arts, Vigo graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University, Madrid, in 1997.

In 1992, Vigo assisted the sculptor, Manuel Berrocal in his monumental piece, La Manolona. Vigo has since continued to work in the Madrid-based workshops of Jose A. Lopez Herrador and Higinio Velasquez.

Some of his recent exhibitions have included: - 1995 Rigoberta Menchu Cultural Center, Madrid. - 1995 Fernandez de los Rios Cultural Center, Madrid. - 1996 Cafe "Consoul", Madrid. - 1997 Faculty of Fine Arts, Madrid.

This young and talented artist is married to Erika Ortiz, the sister of Letizia, Princess of Asturias and the wife of Prince Felipe, Prince of Asturias, the heir to the Spanish throne.

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