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Time is Art by Andrea Picini

Andrea Picini Biography

Italian artist, Andrea Picini was born in Rome on March 14, 1935.

Trained in Paris, he first won the prestigious ?Prix Nationale de la Sculture?, in 1960.

He is a painter, sculptor, ceramist, and jewellery designer. Among the many unusual projects he has worked on, one that stands out his skilful interpretation of the tarot card arcanes.

Picini is a wandering artist. He has lived for long periods of time abroad ? Africa, India, Syria, Yugoslavia and his foreign travels have greatly influenced his work.

His art can most probably be seen as the attempt to give substance to both space and time, embodying his desire to reveal the essence of life, which remains difficult to capture and elusive through language.


1959- Galeria Colette Allendy, Paris

1960- Galeria La Cour Ingres, Paris

1963- Galeria Jardin des Artes, Rome

1970- Galeria Rialto, Venice

1974- Galeria del Mille, Torino

1975- Galeria Braidense, Milan

1980- Galeria Schubert, Milan

1981- Arcane 22, Paris

1996- Galeria Schubert, Milan

1998- Sidi Bou Said, Tunes

2000- Galeria Antiche Emozioni, Positano

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