Francoise Gilot Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Title: La Fete New Orleans, 1981 (s.7488) Medium: Original Lithograph, 1981, on Arches paper, signed by the artist in pencil. Beneath, the second half of the paper, is a drawing showing a Dove Size: 31” x 22” Note 1: The love affair between Pablo Picasso, aged 61, and Françoise Gilot, 21, began in Paris in the spring of 1943 during the German occupation of France. She was a student of art, the only child of a domineering father. In her mood of rebellion she found in Picasso a gentleness and depth of understanding she had not known in any other man. They were to live together for the next ten years; she was to bear him two children, Claude and Paloma. Ultimately, however, their relationship soured and she took the children and left him. This work depicts a portrait of Paloma Picasso, the daughter of Pablo Picasso and Francois Gilot. Note 2: This print was made in 1981 as a 5th Anniversary fundraiser for the non-profit New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation. Published by: ProCreations Publishing Company, New Orlean, 1981 Edition: There was a “Fine Art Edition” with an edition of 150 from which this comes. Each of these was made with a unique drawing. There exist also a normal signed and numbered edition, without the drawing of 350 proofs, and the lithographed poster, on thinner paper, also without the drawing, of 3500 proofs.

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