Francisco Sutil Biography

Pontevedra, Spain, 1971 -

An emerging Spanish artist, Francisco Sutil works in a figurative style. In his diverse oil paintings he expertly captures the different states of light associated with different hours of the day and with his own states of mind.

He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada.

Sutil says of his work: In general, the work is connected to my surroundings and the themes are chosen directly from my own experiences.

Selected Exhibitions -Exhibition at the IV Encontro de Gaiteiros Manuel Villanueva, Casal de Ferreira. Poio. Pontevedra. -Exhibition at Art Gallery will Sargadelos de Pontevedra. -Exhibition at the Art Gallery Sargadelos of Estrada. Pontevedra. -Illustration of the book by Solla Calros Almanac of Charm ". Ed: Cardeñoso. -Nadir. Camino de Compostela. Xunta de Galicia. E-LIGHT Paisaxe. Castelo de Soutomaior. Deputation of Pontevedra. ARCANA-Gallery. Vilanova de Arousa. -Photo ANSORENA. Madrid -POSITION 93. 2nd year of Fine Arts Novos Valores-92. Specialty painting and photography.