Francisco Higuera Molero Biography

Born in Vva. de Córdoba (Córdoba) 54 years ago, studies of Information Sciences (Rama Picture), photography and visual arts. Since the 80 different techniques for handling development on the film Polaroid SX-70, later extended by participating in various exhibitions, highlighting individual and collective "Madrid without Z" in the CC Conde Duque, later exhibited in Prague in Madrid Week held in the year 89. Multidisciplinary work, collages, video, audio, documentary, incorporating elements of pop and surreal visions influenced by Josep Renau and Eugenio Granell. Currently working with fingerprints and acrylic on canvas that incorporate reliefs, sometimes contradictory, (where the relief is manifested as a collapse) developing techniques mixed with polystyrene, wood and other materials. This work was first exhibited at the Exhibition "visible signs" held at the City Museum (Madrid) in December 2009.


  • Graphic design and production of book covers Trifaldi Publishers.
  • Issues of posters and postcards.
  • Rapporteur from 95 years to 2000 in the courses "The image Dermatology, "organized by the Janssen Research Council and the INST. UNIV. EUROFORUM ESCORIAL, attached to the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Lectures on the handling of the SX-70 film at different National Photographic Association, Centro Galileo Galilei ", CSE etc.
  • Jury Prize of Photography KAULAK 95
  • Roundtable on "American Photo Vanguardia" on it C.C. Conde Duque.


  • Youth Youth seen by - M. Culture 85.
  • Place - Diputación de Granada 86
  • Nature view for Youth. 86 M No Culture
  • 15 New Photographers Spanish - Fundación Luis Cernuda 86 - Sevilla.
  • Madrid without Z - Ayuntamiento de Madrid - 89.
  • The Image Dermatology - ED. MASSON - 2000.
  • Phoca '08 int Contest. of Fot. Contemporary - Valdepeñas (C. Real)
  • The current photo compositions to a new reality September. 95
    • M No Visible Signs of the City-Caja Madrid - 2009

Artist's Statement

After years dedicated to the territory of photography reinterpreted, and sharing techniques, critics said some years ago that my work getting "effects near the impressionist painting." Since that time my work has run that course encouraging, but more surreal visions integrating curved shapes and colors but nuanced, using digital printing 1mx1m pieces to create ethereal funds upon which to develop the possibilities of acrylic plastic. This together with the inclusion of elements in relief involves a recognizable style.