Frances Cocagne Biography

Detroit, Michigan

Frances Cocagne is an emerging American painter whose work is inspired primarily by music and musical instruments. Through painting and printmaking, Cocagne tries to answer the internal rhythms, the ebbs and the flows of a song in a painting.

Cocagne uses resilient colors, textures, rhythms and repetition to capture the essence and movement of sound (music). Through the visual arts, she tries to communicate harmony, balance and spiritual peace.

Cocagne: ?Music touches the essence of the dividing point in language where words become obsolete. Both music and art have the capability of moving the viewer or listeners soul. I hope my visual songs will resonate deeply with in others.?- Cocagne

Selected Exhibitions

2007 - PicassoMio - Octane Photographic Studio - C-POP Gallery

2006 - Detroit Repertory Theatre - Neal Davis Gallery - College for Creative Studies

2005 - U245 Gallery - Neal Davis Gallery

2004 - College for Creative Studies

2001 - Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI

2000 - W.A.B. Ferndale, MI - Smalls, Hamtramck, MI