Florin Mihai Biography

Piatra Neamt, Romania, 1974

An emerging Romanian artist, Florin Mihai works with digital photography. Each piece is composed from several different sources, which he blends together to create intriguing and mysterious images.

Mihai has studied both Psychology and Photography.

He says of his work: Composing my images from different little photographs pieces I try to communicate clear ideas using an old atmosphere. Background images and writings are from medieval manuscript. I also use modern images and I combine them all using computer. My goal is to bring to life some concepts and ideas, clear messages, giving to other people moments of clarity and visual pleasure.

Selected Exhibitions

2007 - PicassoMio.com - Victor Brauner Gallery, Piatra Neamt, Romania

2006 - Vert Gallery, Piatra Neamt, Romania - City Days. City Hall, Piatra Neamt, Romania

2002 - Visual Art Salon, Piatra Neamt, Romania

1996 - Ceahlau Building, Piatra Neamt, Romania

1995 - Lascar Vorel Gallery, Piatra Neamt, Romania

Selected Publications

2006 - Illustrations for book of poetry. HotMetalPress, South Carolina, USA

2001 - Photo reporter for Impreuna Magazine. Romania