Estefanía Peñalva Biography

Gualeguaychu - Entre Rios, Argentina, 1976 - Emerging Argentine painter Estefania works in a realist style and has experimented with various themes in her work. In 2001 she decided to bring her great passion, polo, to the canvas.

She studied at the "Eduardo Albistur" Fine Arts Conservatory, where she received the title of Superior Drawing and Painitng Profesor. She also studied architecture and urban studies at the National University of La Plata, specializing in landscape planning and environmental studies.

Selected Exhibitions 2008

  • Exposición de obras en POLO TOUR 2008,Centauros, Ellerstina, Chapaleufú, La Dolfina, Palermo. Bs As Argentina.

2007 - - La Rural -Predio Ferial de Palermo, Argentina

2006 - Galeria de Arte Alicia Brandy, Capital Federal ? Buenos Aires, Argentina - ?Copa de los EMBAJADORES?, Salta Polo Club, Salta, Argentina

2003 - ?Copa de Oro SOTOGRANDE 2003 ? Santa Maria Polo Club, Sotogrande, Cadiz, España

2002 - " V Salon de Invierno " Casa de la Cultura, Gchu, Entre Rios, Argentina

2000 - " Utopias " Galeria de Arte Bellas Artes, Gchu, Entre Rios, Argentina