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Detailed Description

This is painting is already framed with a beautiful "floating" black brushed aluminum frame with a silver face. This oil painting evokes a sense of hope and healing. The blue nude is draped in wash of blue suggesting water in the foreground. The representational nude in the middle ground is seated with a window in the background with soft light filtering into the room. The body of the nude is abstracted but is also tangible as a real nude. The head of the nude has a classical appearance and with the eyes closed has a sense of timelessness and the infinite. The sale price does not include shipping. E-mail me if you are interested in buying the painting and I will find out the price of shipping for you. You can pay with PayPal or by Credit Card. I also offer a 7 day return policy on any of the paintings with a money back guarantee. I want you to be completely happy if you decide to purchase a painting. Sincerely, Eric Henty

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