Enric Miralbell Biography

Barcelona, Spain, 1951 -

An established Spanish artist, Enric Miralbell has worked as an interior designer, furniture designer, and artist.

Since 1970 when he won the national prize for young painters, his fine art work has flourished. His most recent pieces combine realism with photographic techniques and spontaneous images. He uses everyday themes: places, travels, and the people closest to him, to explore diverse mediums and styles.

In the last 30 years Miralbell has exhibited his work in various galleries around the world, including in Paris, Montpellier, Milan, Barcelona, and Madrid.

He says: For me art is a way of life, something that has allowed me to live how I have chosen, and with all the intensity available to me. My work and my creativity are always informed by the situation and place in which I find myself.