Engelina Zandstra Biography


Engelina Zandstra is a Dutch artist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Since 1992 she has been following during many years courses in Amsterdam in the field of painting, etching, silk-screen painting and modelling. During the last years she has concentrated herself on painting, with acrylic paint on canvas. Art education : Autodidact.

My way of working is spontaneous. It starts with a concept, an idea in my mind, which is in most cases not well-defined. After setting a rough outline on the canvas, I let myself be guided by the forms and colours that develop during the process of painting. Sometimes the beginning is abstract, and then at some point human figures are coming into shape. As if the human presence then is necessary for further inspiration.

My work extends from completely abstract to semi- figurative. Colour is very important for me : the alchemy of colour. It gives expression to the atmosphere of my work.

I call my paintings 'Landscapes of the Mind', because they are reproductions of the images that are stored in my imagination.

Artist's Statement

'In the labyrinth of my thoughts there are many ways leading to the inknown' 'Instead of representing the world, the meaning of art is to create a parallel world, a condensation of experiences and feelings ‘(statement of Matisse)