Encina Verdial Biography

Established artist Encina Verdial works in landscape, utilizing both natural and urban subjects.

In Verdial's last exhibition, ?Exterior-ismo?, the artist exhibited a series of photomontages in which advertising language, text and image came together to create contradictory and personal spaces. Verdial is licensed in Fine Arts by the Faculty of Sant Jordi Fine Arts in Barcelona.


2006 - Exterior-ismo, Antonio Saura Foundation, Zavala House, Cuenca, Spain

2002 - Solutions that Generate Spaces, Cultural House of Ponferrada, Leon, Spain

1994 - Landscapes 3/4, Transit Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

1993 - Landscapes 1/2, La Unio, Teia, Barcelona, Spain

1992 - Works on Paper, CEFFC, Spain - Emergency Stairs, Amagatotis Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


2006 - PicassoMio.com

2004 - The Distance: testimonies in margins of an anniversary, University of Leon, Spain

2001 - Collective Poetry in Action, Elizalde House, Barcelona, Spain

1996 - Cultural Exchange, Barcelona- Copenhagen European Capital of Culture, Denmark - Open Studios, Barcelona, Spain - Against the Intolerance, House of the Sun, Barcelona, Spain

1995 - Cultural Exchange, Barcelona, Catalunya, Denmark, England, Palo Alto, Poble Nou - III Biennial of Orense Engraving, Julio Prieto Nespereira Prize - Memorial Foundation of Latin America, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro - Alejandro Otero Museum of Visual Arts, Caracas, Venezuela