Edith Pintar Biography

Santa Fe, Argentina, 1945

Established Argentinean artist Edith Pintar?s work is clearly influenced by the aesthetic of primitive cultures.

What most inspires her is what she believes to be the invisible thread that unites mankind with the gods.

Pintar studied in the ?Ullman Studios? of Santo Tome and at the Escuela Provincial de Bellas Artes in Argentina. She spent a large part of her life going back and forth between Argentina and Spain, expanding her knowledge and exhibiting her work, before settling permanently in Spain in 1985.

Edith Pintar has this to say about her work: ?In different stages of my pictorial work, I was missing ?something,? and I finally found it, in the caves of Tito Bustillo. There I saw cave painting for the first time, and it filled me with a profound emotion, and suddenly I could express something more, I don?t want to copy, I don?t copy, I try to paint emotions, feelings, fears, questions, the loneliness of man before the invisible gods, the same ones as today, and giving them shape to be able to touch them the same as yesterday.

I paint metaphysical landscapes and walls with the same soils that they painted, but with the techniques of today, today, an ephemeral time, a short term painting, with the same feelings, nothing has changed, only the stenography??

In her time as a sculptor her work in bronze stands out. She has had numerous exhibitions and currently works on her paintings using natural soils.