Dzung Lai Thanh Biography

1982 - Born in Quang Binh, Vietnam 2006 - Graduated from Hue Fine Arts University 2003 - Hue Young Artist Exhibition, Hue, Vietnam Student’s Paintings & Sculpture Exhibition 2004 - Exhibition on the occasion of The Teacher’s day, College of Arts – Hue university 2005 - “Spring” Exhibition, Hue, Vietnam Exhibition in Student Exchange Program Thailand – Vietnam 2006 - “The Dog” Exhibition “The March’s Gift” Exhibition “The Changing Season” Exhibition“Street Arts” Project, Festival Hue 2007 - “The Pig” Exhibition, Hue, Vietnam “Spring” Exhibition, Hue, Vietnam 2008 - Student & Teacher Exchange Program Thailand –Vietnam Artist Exhibition Singapore –Vietnam 2009 - “The Buffalo Flying” Exhibition, Hong Kong “March Reunion” Exhibition 2010 - “Reunion” Exhibition - Festival Hue “New Spring”/New Media Exhibition, Hue, Vietnam Vietnamese Artist Exhibition, Paris, France “110 Country” Exhibition, Lunéville, France 2011 - Exhibition in Florence, Italy “A new day” Exhibition, Hue, Vietnam 2012 - “No.1” Exhibition, Hue,Vietnam 2013 - “Happy new year” Exhibition, Hue,Vietnam 2014 - Vietnamese Artist Exhibition, Lunéville, France “Tây Khuyết Đài” Exhibition, Festival Hue Vietnamese Artist Exhibition, Perth, Madura, Fremantle, Australia

Artist's Statement

For the last few years, Dzung’s lotus lacquer paintings have been increasingly presented in numerous domestic and foreign joint exhibitions. He could introduce his latest artworks and draw attention from public and therefore, he now distinguishes himself from other artists due to his unique style, texture, hue and skillful techniques.