Clare Buckle Biography

Stockon-on-Tees, England, 1965

Emerging BRITISH ARTIST, whose mixed media works represent the artist's exploration and experience of physical spaces.

Buckle's most recent work are inspired by rural, urban and industrial structures and viewpoints showing a layering that cuts up colour, line and shape to give a different view of the space than that of simply looking 'at' something.

The artist studied at Loughborough College of Art and Design, Bristol Polytechnic and then the Royal College of Art in London.

Buckle's work has featured in EXHIBITIONS at the following galleries and events: - Lauderdale House, London. - "Tower Bridge Studios" en Elephant & Castle, London. - Gabriele Skelton Management Consultants, London. - Rebecca Hossacks Gallery, London. - Plough Arts Centre, Devon, UK. - Gallerina, Country Durham, UK. - Francis Iles Gallery, Kent, UK. - Farrs Gallery, Ripley, Surrey, UK - Open Studios, Brighton Festival - Open Studios, Burgess Hill 2008, 2009, 2010 - Affordable Art Fair, London, UK 2010, 2011, 2012 - Toll House, Lindfield 2012, 2013 - Brighton Festival 2013

Artist's Statement

I don’t aim to produce work about one particular subject matter. What excites me visually is to look at a subject through layers of structure, so that colour, shape or line is broken up, giving a different view of the world than one of just looking at something. So over time I have realised that there is a theme in the work that is about my experience of looking through spaces. My work always begins with drawings or photographs and then I decide which images stand for themselves, or which could be developed further. Recently I have focused on developing work through printmaking. I feel that printmaking lends itself well as a medium, because it adds to the experience of layering. In terms of what spaces I am attracted to, these could be natural, organic, urban or industrial and I think I am drawn to all of these visual possibilities because I grew up right on the edge of a town in the north east of England and could be free to wander and explore the countryside as well as being intrigued by and in awe of industrial structures and buildings. To me, they are all beautiful.