Chaz Guest Biography

The dreamlike, almost surreal nature of established artist Guest's paintings of musicians in concert evoke the sultry and almost hypnotic ambience of jazz as well as reflecting the trance-like state in which the artist delves into his subconscious for artistic inspiration.

Philadelphia-born Guest began is artistic career as a fashion illustrator and worked for Dior, Lacroix. Yves St Laurent and Ungaro in Paris.

Many galleries in Europe, the United States and Asia have held EXHIBITIONS of Guest's work, including the following:


Alitash Kebede Fine Art.

Heritage Gallery.


Playboy Mansion, Beverly Hills, California, US.

Lunina Gallery, New York.

Belenky Gallery, New York.

Sandi Webster gallery, Philadelphia, US.

In 2001 Guest's work appeared in Robert de Niro's acclaimed feature, 'The Score'.