Changhak Choi Biography

Established artist Changhak Choi's work explores systems of reciprocity in the city between the natural and the artificial.

Choi obtained an MA in Architecture from Columbia University in New York in 2006, receiving the New York Society of Architect's Matthew Del Gaudio Award. Choi has also studied at Kyung Hee University and the Graduate School of Hyung Hee University, located in Seoul. Choi's work has appeared in numerous publications including Architecture and Culture, The Japan Architect Yearbook, Young Designer 100: Architecture and Sketch, and SPACE. Choi is currently based in New York, NY.


2006 -

2000 - ?Architecture, on the Line of Being?, Anguk Gallery, Seoul

1997 - ?Old and New?, Space Galley, Seoul

1995 - ?A Holiday in the City?, Space Galley, Seoul - 14th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul - 22nd Mi Suk Jun: BE Design Exhibition, Songpa Civic Center, Seoul

1994 - ?Technological Scenes of Seoul?, Space Galley, Seoul

1993 - ?A Point In the City?, Space Galley, Seoul - Korean Memorial Hall, COEX Exhibition Hall, Seoul


2006 - Recipient of the SOM Foundation's Travel Fellowship, Chicago, United States - New York Society of Architect?s Matthew Del Gaudio Award, New York, United States

1995 - Architectural Alumni Association Award, Kyung Hee University, Seoul