Casimiro Martinferre Biography

Casimiro Martinferre. Bembibre, 1960. Unconditional of the black and white photography, the film and the magic of the darkroom. For decades, positive person all off his work. He has written two books: Aires de xistra and Diario de un montañero, which collets travel stories and photos. Part of its creation in the book Palabras e imágenes para la ecología. The Diputación de León hosted the series "Abesedos y soleíñas del Bierzo", by moving countless rooms in Spain. Solo exhibitions: Lions Cultural Institute Public library Bembibre House of the people, Páramo del Sil Public library Ponferrada Exhibition hall of Palacios del Sil Sports Fabero Public library Villafranca del Bierzo Refuge for pilgrims Vega de Valcarce Moncloa de San Lázaro, Cacabelos Palacio de Canedo, Canedo, Prada a Tope

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