Carmen Santacatalina Biography

Carmen Santacatalina was born in Valencia, Spain in 1947.

She received her training in Fine Arts with a speciality in restoration and painting at San Carlos School in Valencia and San Fernando School in Madrid.

A member of the P/A Printmakers Association, she has worked as an illustrator of books and magazines and a teacher.

Some of her most recent exhibitions are as follows: - Maturen Foundation, Tarazona, Spain, 1997. - Caja Duero, Salamanca, Spain, 1998. - Palacio de Santa Cruz of the College of Architects, Zaragoza, 1999. - VII ESTAMPA Fair, Madrid, 1999 y 2000. - La Rioja Museum, Logroño, 2000. - III MAC21 International Fair, Marbella, 2000. - Cultural Center Caleidoscopio, Madrid), 2000.