Carmela Rodríguez Ruiz Biography

This self-taught Spanish artist, Carmela Rodriguez Ruiz, was born in 1950. Self-taught till 1997, the artist graduated from Teresa Redel Academy to commence studies at the studio of J.M Castilviejo.

The most recent exhibitions of this experienced artist have included:

1998 - Banco Hispano 20 Collective Exhibition, Valladolid, Spain - Valoria la Buena Gallery


Asociacion Cultural Vacceos, Cigales, Spain

2002 - Exhibition Room Boffard, Fromista (Palencia). - Exhibition Room Pelayo, Valladolid.

2003 - Exhibition Room Boffard, Fromista (Palencia).

2004 - Exhibition Rooms BBVA, Valladolid.

In her artworks, Carmela chooses simple things, both from the perspective of the themes and the materials used. Then she attempts to create the desire in the mind of the viewer to want to be close to the scene that she so eloquently depicts in her artworks.