Carlos Valle Romo Biography

Carlos Valle Romo has been living in Costa del Sol, Spain since 1984. Although he began painting as hobby, it is now a spiritual and creative necessity for him.

He confirms that his works are "psychological landscapes", the result of converting mental abstractions, argumentative and explanatory into expressive images full of fantastic color and life.

Valle Romo has a degree in Psychology from the University of the Americas (UDLA) and a Doctorate in business and pedagogical psychology from the University of Copenhagen.

He has this to say about his work: The vitality of what I call "psychological landscape" implies an evocative expression of the internal, called I or self, as a way of reconstructing the world of ideas on a visual plane. In this way painting becomes a visible screen of our neuronal synapsis, or if wanted, of our cognitive-emotional world.

Selected Exhibition

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2001 - Galeria Artichoke, Fuengirola. Malaga, Spain.

Permanent Exhibiton

. Galeria Centro Eleusis, Costa del Sol, Málaga