Beatriz Henao Biography

Beatriz Henao, Colombian by birth, resides in Port Austin, Michigan, since 2008. Born in Medellín, Colombia.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS:(selection) 2012 Illinois Central College, Illinois, United States.
2011 Northwood University Gallery, Midland, United States. Mackerel Sky, East Lansing, United States. 2010-2011 Yet to be scheduled: Delta College Gallery and Bay City Art Center.
2008 A&J Galleries. Bay City, Michigan, United States.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS:(selection) 2010 Anselmo Gallery. East Lansing, Michigan, United States. Arts Center. Studio 23. Bay City, Michigan, United States. 2009 Northwood Gallery. Midland, Michigan, United States. Aldo Castillo Galleries. Chicago, Illinois, United States. 2008 A&J Galleries. Bay City, Michigan, United States.

COLLECTIONS: South America: Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina; Netherlands: The Hague; England: London; China: Beijing; Canada: Kingston and Calgary; and the United States: Houston (Texas), Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco (California), Nashville (Illinois), Wilkesboro (North Carolina), Aspen (Colorado), Las Vegas (Nevada), Toledo (Ohio), Pleasant Ridge, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Midland, Bay City, Bad Axe, Port Austin, and Pigeon (Michigan).

Artist's Statement

As a visual artist, I express facets of our internal lives through the language of art. There are psychological or philosophical aspects that are transmitted in all my work. I use the inherent symbolic power of color to communicate the results of my exploration into the mysteries of the human spirit.