Ashley Lathe Biography

Charlotte, North Carolina

Ashley Lathe is an emerging American artist who works with various media; oil, watercolour, drawing and printmaking, to capture the essence of everyday objects. With a graphic design background, Lathe presents his subject matter with the intentions of a graphic design, but he enhances them with the traditional artists' composition. Most of his pieces are clean and simple in their immediate impact, but are later developed to invite reflection and interpretation. The ultimate objective of Lathe?s work is to encourage viewers to see the ordinary around them as expressive and beautiful.

In his Kansas watercolour series, Lathe attempts to capture the awe that is inherent in the American Landscape. By using watercolour, he is able to create different layers and subtle colour gradations necessary to achieve the notion of changing time, space and direction. For his Brick series, Lathe is inspired by the culmination of man?s functional design in concert with the ravages of nature and time. He examines the characteristics of the bricks alone, their individual shapes, colors and textures, and then groups them together to explore the interplay between them.

Lathe has a BA in Communication Arts, with a concentration in graphic design from East Carolina University along with a Post-Bacceulerette in children?s book illustration, drawing, figure drawing and printmaking from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

Selected Exhibitions

2007 - PicassoMio

2006 - SPARK CON Image Slam, Raleigh, NC - Foundations solo exhibition Artspace, Raleigh, NC - Artspace, Raleigh, NC - Raleigh-Durham Airport, Raleigh, NC

2005 - Wilkes Art Gallery, Wilkesboro, NC

2004 - Microcosm Gallery, Charlotte, NC

2003 - 8th Street Gallery, Charlotte, NC - Hart-Witzen Gallery, Charlotte, NC (1998-2003) - Faculty Exhibit, UNC, Charlotte, NC

2000 - 10th Annual Waterworks Visual Arts Centre Regional Exhibition, Salisbury, NC

1998 - Wright Now Gallery, Charlotte, NC