Arun Roy Lucht Biography

Madrid, 1962.

These prints are typical of the etching works by Roy Lucht. His distinctive abstract style, bold colors and strong forms make him a great favourite with collectors. With many of his works found in the European Museums, this artist is considered among the great printmakers of our time.

EXHIBITIONS - 1999: ESTAMPA'99, Madrid. - Galeria Cueva del Grabado, Madrid. - 1998; "Exposicion 5*5 Fundacion Caja Madrid", City Museum, Madrid. . - 1997: II International Trianial of Printmaking, Bitola, Macedonia. - 1996: Selected for the III National Prize For Printmaking, Museum of Printmaking, Madrid. . - 1995: Birmingham Art Fair, UK. - Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt, Germany.

PUBLIC COLLECTIONS - The Spanish National Library, Spain. - The Museum of International Contemporary Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway. - Madrid City Hall.

HONORS & AWARDS - First Finalist for Printmaking at "Carmen Arozena 89", Galeria Torculo, Madrid. . - First Prize, Caja de Madrid Printmaking Contest. - Second Prize at Printmaking 1992, Cebreros, Avila.