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Our Selection of important Art Magazines, around the world. Click on their Names to see further details, including Description, Contact and Editorial Information and Website (As Available).
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Afterall  – This British and American art magazine is published by the Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design (CSM) and CalArts. The magazine is primarily read by art professionals.
Álbum, Letras y Artes  – 
American Art  – Published three times a year, by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the magazine emphasizes American visual arts
American Artist Magazine  – American Artist Magazine is the leading monthly magazine for representational and figurative artists.
Art & Auction  – Published in New York, Art & Auction is a monthly art magazine emphasizing the current art market trends.
Art & Australia  – A quarterly art magazine, Art & Australia, is the best known of all Australian art magazines.
Art in America  – An English-language monthly art magazine, published in New York, covering the contemporary to classical...
Art Monthly  – London-based Art Monthly is regarded as one of the UK's leading magazines in the contemporary visual art arena. Patricia Bickers is the magazine’s editor-in-chief.<
Art News  – First published in 1902 as the HYDE´S WEEKLY ART NEWS, New York-based ARTnews is the oldest and most circulated of the American art magazines
Art on Paper  – Published bi-monthly, in New York, Art on Paper is a leading American art magazine, dedicated to works of art on paper.
Art Press  – Paris-based Art Press is a bilingual monthly magazine, in both French and English, which offers information across the complete spectrum of the contemporary arts.
Art Review Magazine  – Art Review Magazine is the monthly leading international contemporary art and style magazine.
Art Signal Media  – Revista online de arte, editada de forma bilingüe en inglés y en español.
Arte y Parte  – 
ARTECONTEXTO  – Esta publicación nace con los objetivos de impulsar el debate, contribuir a la visibilidad de los artistas españoles en el contexto internacional y trazar un puente de contacto con Latinoamérica.

Artforum  – Founded in 1962, this New York based magazine, is a leading journal in the arena of art.
Artlink Magazine  – Artlink covers contemporary art in Australia networking with the national and international scene, providing a context for evaluation and analysis.
Artnotes  – 

Revista internacional de arte contemporáneo. Artículos de opinión, entrevistas, exposiciones nacionales, new york, internacionales, agenda, notas de arte, ...

Artweek Magazine  – Artweek is a monthly art magazine which is known for being the national voice of contemporary art on the West Coast.
Atlántica Internacional. Revista de las Artes  – 
Australian Art Collector  – Australian Art Collector is Australia’s most prestigious & high profile art magazine, offering the most informative & up-to-date coverage of the Australian art market.
B&W Magazine  – B&W Magazine is the premier high-quality bimonthly magazine of black and white photography for collectors of fine photography.
Beaux-Arts Magazine  – A French-language monthly modern and contemporary art magazine, published in Paris.
Black Book Magazine  – Black Book Magazine is the most recognised avant-garde magazine related to the latest trend in Arts & Entertainment, Fashion & Style.
Black Flash Magazine  – BlackFlash is a magazine that isn’t just about contemporary art, but about producing it. This magazine is published three times a year, challenging the traditional magazine design and showing you artists' projects and images that will either inspire or enrage, giving you a truly unique perspective, from the centre of contemporary art debate
Blind Spot  – Based in New York, Blind Spot magazine is published three times a year, and is dedicated to photography-based fine art.
BOMB Magazine  – BOMB is a cultural quarterly magazine which promotes relations between several different artists and registers deeply personal reflections on art and life.
bonart-ba-  – 
Border Crossing  – This Canadian nonprofit magazine is aimed at an audience dedicated to contemporary culture and not with the specialized art intellectual.
BT / Bijutsu Techo  – The leading Japanese art magazine is edited for a general art loving audience.
Cabinet Magazine  – An American non-profit art magazine is aimed at generalists and focuses on commissioned art projects, rather than art exhibitions or specific artists.
Circa  – CIRCA is widely recognized as Ireland's leading magazines for the visual arts.
Contemporary Magazine  – Contemporary is one of the world’s most widely distributed arts magazine covering visual arts, news, books,photography, architecture, design,... and much more.
Contemporary Visual Art CVA  – An English-language bi-monthly contemporary art magazine, published in London.
Exit, Imagen & Cultura  – 
Flash Art  – Flash Art Italia and Flash Art International are two avant-garde art magazines published by Giancarlo Politi Editore, in Italy.
Flux News  – Flux News is a quarterly contemporary art magazine edited in Belgium.
Frame  – Frame is a bi-monthly German-language contemporary art magazine, published in Austria.
Frieze  – London-based Frieze is recognized as one of the world's leading international contemporary art magazines.
Frog  – A French art magazine dedicated on art criticism and whose readership is art experts.
FUSE  – Fuse is a leading trimestrial periodicals on art and culture, edited in Canada.
Guadalimar  – 
Kunstbulletin  – A Swiss art magazine that is owned by the Swiss Art Association and caters to the European audience.
Lapiz  – Madrid-based Lapiz is one of Spain´s leading contemporary art magazines.
Metropolis M  – Metropolis M is a Dutch art magazine published in both Engish and Dutch which caters to a specialized art audience, primarily.
Papers d’Art  – 
Parachute  – Parachute is a leading quarterly, bilingual French & English contemporary art magazine, published in Canada.
Piktogram  – One of the first art magazines to emerge in Eastern Europe, after the fall of communism, the Piktogram is an international magazine.
Pin-Up Magazine  – 
Raw Vision  – Raw Vision is a quarterly magazine that was founded in 1989.
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