Collect Art: What type of artists should I collect?

What type of artists should I collect?

Most importantly collect an artist that reaches out to you.  If you are going to buy an artwork and keep it for a while, it makes sense that you can like it, or better, love it.  Art styles fall in an out of trends.  In the past, it has happened to paintings and it has happened to Pop Art, so it would not be surprising, that it happens to the art that you acquire.

However, if you are looking at buying something that you would like to appreciate in price over time, there are some general rules:

Famous Artists:  Art by well known artists, either from last century, like Picasso, Miro or Chagall, or current ones, like Hirst, Hockney or Goldin are safer bets, just like stocks of big well-known companies, like the utilities or banks.  However, since they tend do be in limited numbers and do not depend upon their quarterly profits, the art tends to keep its price and generally increase, over time.

Mid-Career Artists (Established):
These are artists who have been exhibiting for a while and made somewhat of a name for themselves.  While the chances of them becoming a Picasso are certainly rare, the prices are fairly stable and likely to increase over time, in a lot of the cases.  Yes, unlike stocks, the market for art is fairly illiquid and that is why offers a Resale Assurance so that our clients gain from possible sales to our million visitors and clients, around the world.

Up-and-Coming Artists (Established):
These artists are very promising due to their training, skills, current trends and may have potential to rise very fast.  However, just like young companies or technology companies, you cannot be sure of what their peak price will be, in the future.  On the other hand, you can be quite certain that the artwork value should not fall.

Emerging Artists:  These artists are ones who are qualified and are producing quality art, especially, if they have been selected by a known gallery, such as PicassoMio.  However, they are yet unproven and once again, there is a one-in-a-million chance that the artist that you buy is the next Monet.

Collecting art is a passion.  Once you start, you will continue on this beautiful path for a long time and we, at PicassoMio, hope that we will be joining you, on this adventure.  

- Allan Majotra, / PicassoMio Galleries