Alfredo Díaz de Cerio Biography

Mendavia, Spain, 1941

A well known Spanish artist, Alfredo Diaz de Cerio works in a variety of styles and mediums. Throughout his long artistic career he has worked as a painter, drawer, sculptor, and ceramicist, showing a unique ability to create complex and thought provoking works in all of these mediums. Another important facet of his work are the posters, commemorative drawings, illustrations, and cover designs he has done for various publications.

In the 1970s, Diaz de Cerio studied the great artworks ?in situ?, from impressionism to expressionism, from surrealism to abstraction, and all of the variations found in 20th century painting. It is this diverse training that nurtured his appreciation for a wide variety of artistic styles.


2007 -

2003 - Baluarte de Pamplona, Spain.

2002 - Galeria Crisolart. Barcelona, Spain.


Exposicion Arte Navarro Contemporaneo. Sala de Armas de la Ciudadela. Pamplona, Spain.

1999 - Galeria Crisolart. Barcelona, Spain.

1998 - Museo de Maeztu. Estella, Spain.

1997 - Castillo de Maya. Pamplona, Spain.

1994 - Museo de Navarra. Spain.

1990 - Autorretratos Pintores Navarros. Navarra, Spain.

1985 - Sala de Arte Centro Español. Arika, Chile.

1983 - First National Ceramics Festival. Logroño, Spain.

1982 - Centro Cultural Buenavista. Madrid, Spain.

1981 - Sobre el Dibujo. Sala de exposiciones de Burlada. Navarra, Spain.

1980 - Galeria Kandisky. Madrid, Spain - Homenaje a Picasso. Museo de la Rioja. Logroño, Spain.

1979 - Carteles de San Fermin. Pamplona, Spain.

1978 - Salon de Ceramicas Creativas. Ayuntamiento de Logroño. Rioja, Spain.

1977 - Museo de la Rioja. Logroño, Spain.

1976 - C.A.M. del Pamplona. Sala Conde de Rodezno. Pamplona, Spain.

1975 - Spanish Painters. XV Salon de Burdeos. France.

1974 - Brilon Stadt. Germany.

1973 - Exhibition of Spanish Painting. Basel, Switzerland.

1972 - Spanish Painters in Europe. Amberes, Belgium. - Primera Bienal de pintores españoles en Europa. Madrid, Spain.

1971 - Brilon Stadt. Germany

SELECTED MUSEUM COLLECTIONS: - Museo Nacional de la Ceramica. Valencia, Spain. - Museo de Alto Aragon. Huesca, Spain. - Museo de Navarra. Pamplona, Spain. - Museo de la Rioja. Logroño, Spain.