Alan Falk Biography


Alan Falk


England, 1945

Established American artist Alan Falk is recognised for his unique ability to represent with powerful colours a world filled with mythology, biblical scenes and poetry.

He studied Painting and printmaking at Manchester College of Art & Design.

Awarded the Granada Fellowship in Fine Arts at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Manchester Polytechnic, England.

Taught painting at several major colleges of art in England including Portsmouth, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester.

Emigrated to USA in 1974.

Taught Painting and drawing classes at New York University, SUNY at Buffalo, New York, and Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada.

The artist reveals to us in his own words the origins and evolution of his successful artistic career: ?In 1988 I embarked on a series of wilderness paintings based upon several trips I made to the South West United States. These works became charged with symbolic content and personal mythology dealing with re-discovery and spiritual challenge. As I entered the physical wilderness, I also entered my own 'inner wilderness'. Later, I reintroduced the figure (the central theme of earlier works) as a metaphor for this quest. This focus continued through 1990 to 1997 in a series of digital works based on world mythologies, biblical themes and poetry. These and subsequent works represent a personal quest for an aesthetic purity and balance.

My current work is greatly influenced by Judaic texts and prophetic writings. They mirror an interest in a myriad of contemporary topics concerning the human condition as viewed through the prism of personal experience and a maturing vision. Within these new works, religious, personal and contemporary themes and issues coexist side by side".

SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS - 2000 Tuttle Gallery, Southbury, Connecticut - 1998 IRIS Gallery, Bedford, Massachussetts - 1989 Alpha Gallery, Denver, Colorado - 1986 Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery, New York - 1983 A.M. Sachs Gallery, New York - 1981 Jack Gallery, New York - 1979 Montclair State University, New Jersey - 1979,78 E.P. Gurewitsch Gallery, New York - 1974 New Art Center, London, England - 1974 Peterloo Gallery, Manchester, England - 1972 Reed House Gallery, London, England

SELECTED TWO MAN EXHIBITIONS - 1977 Will Barnet/Alan Falk - E.P. Gurewitsch Gallery, New York - 1975 Sonia Delauney/Alan Falk - E.P. Gurewitsch Gallery, New York

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS - Marlborough Galleries, New York; - A.M. Sachs Gallery, New York; - International Art Expo, New York; - American Academy of arts & Letters, New York; E.P. - Gurewitsch Gallery, New York; - Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery, New York; - Jack Gallery, New York; - Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York; - International Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland; - IKI, Dusselldorf, Germany; - Blandon Memorial Art Museum, Fort Dodge, Iowa; - Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul, Minnesota; - Sunrise Art Museum, Charleston, West Virginia; - Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio; - McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas; - Kunsterner Hus National Art Museum, Oslo, Norway; - New Art Center, London, England; - Piccadilly Galleries, London, England; - Royal College of Art, London, England; - Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois; - Manchester University, England; - Sacred Heart University, Connecticut; - Alpha Gallery, Denver, Colorado; - State University of Buffalo, New York;

COMMISSIONS - Six banners depicting the arts and history of Staten Island, Manhattan Ferry

Terminal, New York City; - Outdoor Mural, City of Buffalo, New York

COLLECTIONS - The Charles BurchfieldCenter, State University of New York at Buffalo; - The Columbus Museum, Ohio; - The University of Manchester, England; - Rochdale Art Museum, England; - Mountain Bell; - Kaiser Permanente; - Cahners Incorporated; - The Hebrew Art School, New York City; - Academy for Jewish Religion, New York; - Lord Sandiland Collection, England; - Gala Cosmetics: Total Corporation, England: works in many other private and

corporate collections worldwide