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INSTALL Alain Donate Hernandez Find people, jobs, publications and much more ... Alain Donate Hernandez Edit settings preview photo Edit profile Alain Donate Hernandez Degree in Fine Arts in Pedagogical University: Cptan Silverio Blanco Autonomous University Pedagogica: Cptan Silverio Blanco Columbus, Nebraska 67 67 contacts He was born on January 9, 1980, in jatibonico, province of Santic Spiritus, Cuba. Graduated from the Higher Pedagogical Institute "Capitan Silverio Blanco", in the specialty Arts Plasticas.Impartio classes 6 years in higher education and one year as instructor of art in the house of the "Maria Montejo" culture. In his beginnings as a plastic artist he made exhibitions in his hometown as: "Poetry and drawing" in 2000 participating with the author Yoan Hechemendia, "From the letter to the image" , 2001, Abundances, 2002.

expo: Cute and beloved Mexico, galeria: Tu historia D.F.MX 2016. expo: Guajiros, gallery: Wifredo Lam, Havana, Cuba, 2015. collective exhibition: gallery: Cervando Cabrera, 2014. collective exhibition: gallery: ISA Havana, Cuba, 2013. expo, fattening the muse, Cuba, 2012

Awards: 1 place 2010, 2 place 2009 1 place 2008 .Salon de la plastica "Jesus Alonso", Santic Spiritus. Mention for design of cinema poster for the winning work in opera prima "Dedos Town". Cubanacan club film festival of Santa Clara 2004. Mention for the design of a movie poster for the winning work in video art: "El I Lustrador de piso". Film Festival Cubanacan club of Santa Clara 2005. Both of the director Raul Pina Teijelo. Illustrations for books: Enter and forgive you 2006 Jesus Orta Ruis "The Indian navori", magazine La pedrada, stories, poems and articles, "The top of the road. Juan E Bernal Hechemendia," Sonnets of the cutlery and the penumbra ", Ramon Luis Herrera, "Under the sign of the forgotten", Reinol Cruz Dias, "The book of the guijes", Maria Rosario Basso, "The wedding duck", Antonio Rodriguez Salvador, "Under the wrong star", Juan Peres, Above the summit and the dawn ", Concha Torme," Ex abundancia cordis "Yoan Hechemendia Hernandez," Written on a lily, among others all of the publishing Luminarias, Santic Spiritus. Private collections: USA, ALMANIA, IRL, CNDA, EPNA, MX, CHLE, GTMLA Your workshop home is located at: 4089e 29st lot 735, Columbus, Nebraska USA 2817777794.

Artist's Statement

My work is the result of var elements of my culture the magical, the jocular, the naive, the rogue, the sexual and sensual and the complementation of folklore stories, customs and imaginary and real facts use all the range of possible colors as well as forms always worked in a figurative surrealist way. My work describes my life and that of my people, my culture in a large part where all the elements used are symbolic and magical, they always describe something that will go far beyond the image, that is why it is always going it has to be accompanied by certain codes that are in the life or the daily imagination, this makes it have a very universal interpretation and character.