Afshin Naghouni Biography

Afshin was born in Iran, in 1969. An exceptional emerging artist, he first painted an oil painting at the age of nine. Afshin now lives and works in the United Kingdom.

A selected list of Afshin's solo exhibitions is as follows:

2002: ZCMI Center, Salt Lake City, Utah; and Nikombashi Mitsokushi Gallery, Tokyo.

2001: St Raphael Gallery, London; The Mall Gallery, London and Brunei Gallery, London

2000: The Mall Gallery, London.

1999: Bexley, Kent, England.

1998: Dartford, Kent, England.

1997: Afran Gallery, Teheran, Iran.

In the words of the Afshin: 'Artists are often asked to describe their work, I personally would not like to do that. The results of my work depend upon the feeling I have at that time, and feelings can sometimes be short lived.

I believe that people have different ways of looking at an artwork, with their own feelings and thoughts. So the feeling that you get when viewing my work, should be entirely yours, without any words from me.'