Adelio Bonacina Biography

Adelio Bonacina was born in Vercurago in 1950, he lives and works in Olginate in the province of Lecco.He entered the graphic sector in 1969 attending the applied school of art in Merate. Going side by side with various masters, all unanimously held in great respect, and inspired by their artistic tints, in 1975 he left the graphics and tried his hand at oil painting. After several experiences, in the early years of '90, he chooses to give priority to studies and works in oil with mixed techniques and acrylics.

Landscapes and panoramic views of rare and high suggestion, portraits and figures of strong emotional intensity, informal works of advanced expressive and conceptual modernity.

This, in a nutshell, is the artistic world of Adelio Bonacina. painter of great talent and consolidated experience, professionally active in the field of graphics from 1969 to 1975, when, suddenly but also with full awareness and foresight, he decides to devote himself full time to art and, more specifically, to painting. In these years, Bonacina has been present in several exhibitions and vernissages , both in personal or collective form, from Villa Borromeo of Arcore to Palazzo Prinetti in Merate, from Erba to Lecco, from Bergamo to Portovenere in Liguria , from Treviglio to Cesenatico, from Udine to Noli, from Trieste to Forlì, just to give some dutiful examples He has also participated in numerous prizes and competitions of great fame and absolute prestige, such as the National Award "Emilio Gola " or the National Competition "Fratelli Agazzi", in many cases obtaining important recognition of his work and his specific artistic personality, including a high-profile critical-artistic report stated by a highly respected jury, composed by none other than Carlo Castellaneta, Raffaele Crovi. Raffaele De Grada, Mario De Micheli, Bruno Munari and Aligi Sassu.He also participated in "Art Award" Mondadori in 1986 with the work Borgo Antico .