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Detailed Description

"Opening Prayer." This book is a call to hope. With the loss of values, people of any kind or creed, even without religion, they feel the need to make requests, thanked ¬ ments, grants, and optimism, through prayer, as a call to hope or to joy of the person, precisely for this reason the work is human nature-Universal, the teaching it conveys, is to ask, talk, thank, restoring hope to human beings, knowing that someone is listening and we hear ourselves .. . and encourage us to think - as symbolized in the interior space to collect the two circles, "that man also made good things. The two circles, like two hands could be in position to receive blessing, but also symbolize two mouths open position of prayer, a more open and larger than another, involving intensity and different states in prayer, to pray if we believe in Di-s, or in listening to ourselves, but we ... two being equally important, if you look, the two entrances to create an interior space, it conveys, the creation of a container, formed by the many good works that people perform, whether as to their prayers "always Container necessary to contain and Blessings project. If we look also look at the two entrances to the small side more pronounced, and even greater than might appear more vertical direction has a tendency to one side, small but subtle, involving the position of humility that we should keep on Prayer, Prayer, considered insignificant to the greatness of Di-s, or to ourselves. ¬ Humility also very necessary to create that blessing bowl, through the power of prayer-the "Opening Prayer." This work "Opening Prayer" for its proactive nature reflect the achievement of good deeds and actions and as a vessel of hope and faith, gives blessing to persons who possess inside their homes, gardens, or cities that are in its squares and streets. The making public exhibition of his works of art, it is because of the value of works is devoted to humanitarian work and aid to needy families. Works has a record of intellectual property, copyright, and international protection.

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