Abraham Benzadón Artwork Details


Detailed Description

"Life Project" Work consists of 7 sculptures in wood. This work with human-universal character, reflects the search for values ​​by the person. The ball symbolizes the person at equilibrium (as the ball) in the passage from life, which is the sloping line, the ball, which involves movement and continuity, is in the center of the table, seeking a balance, which educate us both, relevant thinkers of all mankind, from the Middle Ages as the philosopher-physician "Rambam", called Maimonides, well known in the Middle Ages in Spain, the table symbolizes the passage of time, "the story ... ; The ball (person), it is symbolically in movement, as taken from a piece of time, history, past, ... symbolized by the circle with opening and is directed towards the future, to the smallest circle, distant in time, still not open; Visually physical law would tend to drive the ball down, but in our perception of the ball could tend to rise upward against the current, against natural laws and think that this rise, and this is the person looking for great people-values ​​that have marked the history, that have advanced mankind, that go against the flow-overcoming physical barriers or materials, in a supernatural order, the protection of Di-s. In this sense, the ball would go, to go forward, in a state of equilibrium colloquial level, depending on how you wake up and your mood, you'll see that the ball goes up or down. "Project Life", because it symbolizes life, the search, the equilibrium effort, progress upward. This Works "Project Life", gives, people who possess: Balance, serenity, life and motivation to continue the efforts of the search for balance and progress in that go against the tide, searching for values ​​that make progress to humanity. Life Project: "Faith" and "Trilogy" From the very conception of the "Life Project", width, more extensive table that spans the diameter of the ball, which rests on the plane, implies a state of faith, security, where the person symbolized by the ball, runs on a balance safer, with less tendency to fall, reserved for people who work with faith, hope, with much perseverance, but most people are in a state of permanent equilibrium (represented by the table fine), free will, in search of progress and growth, as the person wants or not, raise or lower the ball. "Project Life" Trilogy ", symbolizing different stages of life: Discovery, Maturity, Fantasy, in different materials and colors, the various openings in the table represent Past-Present-Future. The making public exhibition of his works of art, it is because of the value of works is devoted to humanitarian work and aid to needy families.

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