Rui Carruco Biography

Carruço led an academic life in the field of exact sciences until he decide to dedicate himself completely to painting. In 2000, he took the Drawing course in the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon. In 2003 the course of “etching” in Portuguese Etching Cooperative and he attended the studios of several plastic artists. In 2004 he attended the Renaissance Painting Techniques from the Angel Academy of Arts in Florence and in 2005 the course of stone sculpture of the International Sculpture Center. In 2013 he co-founded the International Atelier of Fine Arts where he remains as one of the painting teachers. It is represented in many private and public collections.

Artist's Statement

I try to represent through my painting my vision of life. Half concrete and half abstract. I am passionate about nature and human thought. I love the colors and the atmosphere of the citys. Art in general is my life as my painting!